Australia Travel – Tips for Getting Around


An ETA (electronic travel authorization) this is an electronic authorization for individuals visiting Australia, this can be given to all those looking to conduct short term business in Australia or just touring. This ETA really does replace your current visa’s label or stamp that is in your passport. One does not need to make an application for the ETA at the commission. There are around thirty-three places including Malaysia and Singapore that are eligible for the ETAs. But only 8 of these can be able to make an application on the internet.

For individuals who hold the passport that is issued to ETA (electronic travel authorization) eligible countries, they can make use of the ETA visa to come to Australia. First of all they will need to accomplish an online form. Following application of the form, the response will be mailed to them to by e-mail, that’s in the event the application goes through. The ETA is electronically connected to the passport number, this implies there won’t be any paper needed for verifications while traveling.

For those who are qualified for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) are given the following option;

  • I. You can be able to submit an application for visitors ETA (electronic travel authorization) that will let them to go to Australia for seeing loved ones or even for vacation purposes.
  • II. One can submit an application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for conferences, meetings or even to do short term business.

There are actually methods regarding how to make application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for these eligible places.

  • I. One can submit an application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) over the internet utilizing the Australian site ( eta visa Australia ). Just one can also use the option of heading to the local travel agent or even at airline offices that are offered all over Singapore. This is the case because the ETAs are not available at high commission offices.
  • II. The best thing about this ETAs is that there absolutely no forms required.
    • The ETA system has made the travel agents as well as airline companies a one-stop-shop, this is so given that they offer travel arrangements and in addition electronic travel authority (ETA) as one waits for their flights.

      These agencies do ask for a minimal fee to individuals submitting an application for the ETA (electronic travel authorization) however the authorities of Australia does not demand them for utilizing this method.

      Here below is more information about the holders of this ETA (electronic travel authorization) document.

      • • This ETA document permits anyone to pay a visit to Australia for vacations of up to 3 months.
      • For those who don’t carry a passport that’s been provided by the ETA eligible nations, they can’t have this ETA, they’ll have to make an application for just a visitor’s visa instead. This will be possible by visiting the Australian high commission that should be over the counter hours.
      • The validity of the ETA (electronic travel authorization) document is about 12 (twelve) months or even the period your passport takes to expire . Nevertheless it considers the document with the shortest duration of expiration. This means every time a person visits; the trip does not go beyond 3 months.
      • A benefit for people possessing business ETAs is they can make use of the same for tourism visits also.
      • Those looking to travel to Australia for business it’s strongly recommended that they do so three (3) before they want to take a trip.

      The legality of the ETA (electronic travel authorization) for a business that’s also valid for similar period as the passport, it’s available on the internet as well. The only real difference would be that the government does demand a little fee, that may also be paid out on the internet.

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