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Oman E-visa

E-visa Oman is an electronic visa that was set up by the Sultanate of Oman on 21 March 2018. This Visa was delivered that is a web-based application for authorization to travel to Oman. Application for an authorization to visit can only be granted online not by the law enforcement officials at the Omani Borders as it was before. Immediately after its launch, a waiver program was introduced for foreign nationals from particular places. Different nations around the world are benefiting from the waiver system of Oman visa. Tourists are able to complete the application process from their homes and also obtain e-visa via their e-mail.

Oman visa types

There are 2 kinds of e-visa available: single and multiple entry tourist visas. The 2 types enable a vacation of thirty days in Oman. The single entry tourist visa applies for a single entry and also the duration of stay could be extended. The multiple entry visa applies for multiple entries nevertheless the duration of stay can’t be extended.

Why apply?

The authorization of the Oman visa allows the processing of travelers’ visa applications before going to Oman. The process is automated but simple and is according to the legal guidelines. The online application has minimized time needed to acquire the application. Connection between the vacationers and also Omani government is simplified because the Oman e-visa application gives information on how many travelers who have visited Oman.

Who can make an application?

There are actually 71 countries stated for the e-visa application. Residents from these countries are thus eligible to apply for e-visa. The eligible countries have been outlined in the Oman e-visa web page.


The first requirement when making an application for Oman E-visa is qualification. Travelers have to check out whether or not they are eligible for the electronic visa. The 2nd requirement is a passport. The passport must be valid and should remain so not less than 6 months from the date of arrival in Oman. The third requirement is a recent picture. Visitors are needed to profile a digital photo of them which needs to have a white background. E-mail is yet another prerequisite which will be utilized to get the e-visa. The last prerequisite is the mode of payment which includes: debit/credit cards, Alipay, and Paypal.

Application Process

The application process for the Oman e-visa involves only a few clicks. The procedure involves the completing the online visa application form which is based on the travel records and documents. This form should be printed out after completely filling out. This is followed by the payment of processing costs by Paypal or credit card. On successful processing of the payment, a notice is delivered to the applicant’s e-mail. This e-mail must be shown to the border control agencies. On approval of the e-visa application by the Omani government, and payment of visa costs has been made, the e-visa will likely be sent through e-mail within a period of two working days. This e-visa must be prepared in a hardcopy form on arrival in Oman. The e-visa applies for six months from the approval date and can’t be extended or modified.

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